Makita GN900SE vs Paslode IM 350 Framing Nail Gun Review


Makita vs Paslode

Recently for few months we have been testing two framing nailer guns.

Whole idea was how much work we will be able to complete before one of them will die.

First to first Makita GN900SE  and Paslode IM 350 are using same gas cartridge and range of nails.

Visual check Makita GN900SE

Makita GN900SE

Makita gun vs paslode

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Makita GN900SE Complete Renovation

The GNS900E utilises Makita’s tried and tested Lithium-ion 7.2 volt battery system with a 30minute charge time making the Makita GN900SE four times quicker than the leading competitor. The small and light weight 7.2 volt battery will allow you to fire up to 4,000 nails per charge. The GN900SE features an LED low battery and error detection system, and a shock absorbing battery fitting to protect the terminals.

The 40 gram gas cell will allow you to fire up to 1200 shots per cell using the 34 degrees nail and gas packs.

The Makita gas nailer is light weight, comfortable and balanced perfectly in true Makita tradition, easy to use and well engineered as you have come to expect of Makita.

Visual check Paslode IM350


Paslode gun vs makita
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IM350+ Gas First Fix Nailer

Using enhanced technology, the IM350+ provides you with more reliability, increased accuracy, reduced actuation force and less maintenance

Cordless, self-powered – No hoses, no compressors, no setting up time

Versatile – Drives 51 – 90mm Stainless Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanised, Galv Plus, Bright, Ring, Unilock & Smooth nails

Powerful – Driving up to a 3.5 nails per second and 1000 per hour

Compact – Advanced body design enables work in cramped, overhead and hard to reach places

Tough – Constructed from heavy duty, reinforced durable housing, guaranteed for five years

– NEW technology provides increased reliability and extended service intervals

– NEW non-slip soft grip handle for user comfort and reduced operator fatigue

Score :

Tools were bought in the same time current live cycle time 6 months.

Two team of roofers and two identical roofs was made in the same time, both tools was swap between teams after 8000 shoots. Total shots score in one job 16000 nails.


Nail Jam in total : 6

Battery live from 1-10 total :9

Battery charge time from 1-10 total :10

Gas Cartridge live 1400 nails

Cleaning -easy

After extra 2 months without cleaning still running

Craftsman rating from 1-10 in total: 10

Money value 1-10 total 10


Nail Jam in total : 14

Battery live from 1-10 total: 7

Battery charge time from 1-10 total : 5

Gas cartridge live 1200 nails

Cleaning -easy

Craftsman rating from 1-10 in total: 8

Money value 1-10 total :6

After extra 2 months without cleaning stop fire nails

 Makita parts start breaking problems with service

IMG 2367 225x300 Makita GN900SE vs Paslode IM 350 Framing Nail Gun Review

IMG 2356 300x225 Makita GN900SE vs Paslode IM 350 Framing Nail Gun Review

 Makita GN900SE vs Paslode IM 350 Framing Nail Gun Review Makita GN900SE vs Paslode IM 350 Framing Nail Gun Review

Complete Renovation – London Building & Renovation Services

2017 update:

Nailer Gun Makita GN900SE

Makita still running except maintenance every one thousand shots made.

Makita Nailer Gun Gn 900SE 2019 review update.

Year 2019 has started with the same gun Makita GN 900 SE first lesson to learn. Reassuming so many years, nailing floorboards and subfloors, renovating houses, flats, installing partition walls, lofts, extensions and roofs, this may be something else. Please do not forget it is the same gun we have started working on rebuilding a roof in Acton in 2012. Reviewing problem in 2016, it was merely an sample after 2 hard working years grinding Makita and Paslode. Finally a small surprise came to the bright light. What really happened

Makita DC motor.

GN 900SE dc motor unfortunately started new year 2019 with strange up and down velocity of speed. Renovating of 5 bedroom house Central London required many gun shots replacing joist, building partition walls, fixing new floorboards.

First fix makita nailer gun dc motor give a ghost.

Motor fitted in GN 900 SE is responsible to pump air to chamber mixing gas to produce proper mixture for right explosion. When motor working slower not enough air will be supply to chamber creating wrong not powerful explosion. Expectation created by dc motor are very problematic. Nails will not be pocketed fully.

How to tackle dc motor fault makita gn900se gun.

Services diagnosis makita dc motor 7.2v nailer gun gn900se

  1. Really liked what you had to say in your post, Makita GN900SE vs Paslode IM 350 Framing Nail Gun Review | London Building & Renovation Services | Complete Renovation, thanks for the good read!
    — Dominque

    • Makita parts start breaking problems with service. Please visit this page soon I will explain what happen few months later.Thank you Complete Renovation Team

      • what do you mean by parts start breaking

        • Contact Top GN900, part number MSP-345991-1 part breaking and flying out, weak material. Makita of course exchanged it for a new gun without any explanation or reason why it is happening. It took them 3 weeks to find out the part was broken (although very easy to spot – 1cm by 1cm of solid metal piece missing). I will try to post a picture soon. It is a good gun otherwise. Thanks

  2. which do i get is this makita nailer the one out the two then?

  3. 14c Feb 2017 Makita GN900SE still running well no problems so far hope you all will find this helpful.

  4. Makita GN900SE Gas Nailer since 2012 running well. Unfortunately Paslode was repair 2 times since last post update and it look like gas nailer is just a name no quality.

  5. No m8 stick with the paslode . Never hassle free with cotinuous everyday use like my guns but still head and shoulders above the rest

  6. Does the Makita work with paslode gas and nails?

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