Floors – Care and Maintenance

Maintenance wooden floors.

Wood floors are a natural product and changing their hygroscopic properties along with the changing conditions in the environment.


The best conditions for both wood floors and human exist in the room at a temperature of 18 – 22 ° C and humidity 45 – 60%.

Higher humidity leads to swelling of the wood and can damage the material.

The lower bound to shrinking and the formation of larger or smaller gaps.

Contraction of the wood can be reduced by:

1.Maintaining the recommended conditions  example

-using air conditioners, but it is not possible to be completely ruled out.

Natural wood work and fit the material to the environment can not be claimed.

It is recommended to dry care only current or vacuuming, sweeping.


Floors can be cleaned with water and a detergent.

Oiled floors

Cleaning  not earlier than 6-7 weeks after installation of the floor.

To achieve the best results after cleansing wipe the floor dry.

Silicon compounds in the oil used to protect our floor space, create a layer of glaze (glass).

Existing  technology we makes the floor today appear much more abrasion resistant than standard oil wax.

Therefor maintenance is required once a year with maintenance oil.

The use of other measures than those recommended may result in loss of warranty.

In emergency situations such as flooding, chemical spill, extensive damage (not subject to the claims of complaint), you should immediately contact the flooring contractor or vendor materials.

 Grid- Humidity of wood, depending on external conditions

Temperature in ° C10 ° C15 ° C20 ° C25 ° C30 ° C
Relative air humidity

Wood moisture content

20 %4.7 %4.7 %4.6 %4.4 %4.3 %
30 %6.3 %6.2 %6.1 %6.0 %5.9 %
40 %7.9 %7.8 %7.7 %7.6 %7.5 %
50 %9.4 %9.3 %9.2 %9.0 %9.0 %
60 %11.1 %11.0 %10.8 %10.6 %10.5 %
70 %13.3 %13.2 %13.0 %12.8 %12.6 %
80 %16.2 %16.3 %16.0 %15.8 %15.6 %
90 %21.2 %20.8 %20.6 %20.3 %20.1 %

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  1. Great advice. If you can look after yrou wooden flooring you’ll get many years out of it. And when buffed and looked after properly an really look good.