Home flood drying repairs renovation quotes.

River Thames at Hampton and Hampton Wick including Hampton Court, properties on the Barge Walk, Hampton Court Palace Golf Club and Hampton Court Road.

River Thames home flood in the Sunbury town area, including Longwood Business Park, Halliford Road areas of Upper Halliford and Sunbury, Lower Hampton Road park, Kenton Court Meadow and Kempton Park Racecourse areas.

1. Home flood River Thames at Staines and Egham, including Pooley Green, Thorpe Lea and east Egham.

2. Chertsey Bourne at Chertsey, including Chilsey Green Road, St. Annes Road, Fordwater Road and Fordwater Trading Estate areas.

3. Home flood at Chertsey including Chertsey Lock,

-Abbeychase, Chertsey Bridge Road, Thames Close, Hazelbank Road, Mead Lane and Bridge Wharf.

4. River Thames at the Littleton Lane,

-Chertsey Road and Pool End areas of Shepperton Green as well as Dockett Eddy, Dockett Point and Pharaoh’s Island.

5. River Thames at Laleham and Penton Hook including Penton Park,

-Laleham Reach and Laleham Abbey, Staines Road, The Broadway and Thames Side.

6. River Thames at Thames Ditton Island including

-Boyle Farm Island.

7. River Thames at East and West Molesey including Hurst Park,

-Buckingham Avenue and the Royal Mews area.

8. River Thames at Walton including Desborough Island,

-Walton Bridge and Elmbridge Leisure Centre.

9.  River Thames between Runnymede Pleasure Grounds,

-Staines and Penton Hook, including Hythe End Road, Bell Weir Lock, Holm Island, Church Island, Truss Island and Penton Hook Lock areas of Staines.

10. River Thames between Platts Eyot and Hampton Court Bridge,

-including Platts Eyot, area around Hampton Sailing Club, Garrick’s Eyot, Taggs Island, Ash Island and Molesey Lock.

River Thames at Sunbury from Wheatley’s Eyot to Sunbury Court Island including Wheatley’s Eyot,

-Sunburylock Ait, Sunbury Ait, Sunbury Court Island and properties on the The Creek, Parke Road, Thames Street and Lower Hampton Road.

River Thames at Hamm Court including Shepperton Lock,

-Hamhaugh Island, Hamm Court Estate and Dorney Grove.

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