Kerdi Board

Kerdi Board Schluter System Problem

Kerdi board different thickness and various combination from 5mm to 50mm. Load on one square meter is 60kg. Great stuff design for bathrooms.
Problem appear when you working with big tile like 60x 60 for example.

Application two ways on solid walls or construction wooden cladding metal cladding or brick wall. Size of kerdi board is not very wild just 60 cm.

Applying in to stud wall 12mm board is the beginning of the problem.

First thing first board is not solid on the wall when joist from joist in cladding is bit wilder than should be this affecting strength of kerdi.

Tile simply give away when trying to press to kerdi board even when tile adhesive is bit more dissolve to create less impact on board.

More you press more force coming back.

Different thickens 18mm and over are ok .

Working on solid wall will make no difference what size of schluter panel thickness you will use.There is big issues when there is no other way just to use 12mm to keep walls flash with tiles for example on construction framing like timber.

This is a sample picture from house and bathroom renovation below progress 12mm on metal cladding construction.Othervise is nice product to work with. Please share your experience  by submit a commends.

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