Molla Tool

Antique and rare Leaf Shapes of Moulds renovation fabric hot press leaf shape design.Home wall fabric design tool marker

Pictures of Antique Bronze Moulds

  1. Hi,
    I am interested in Molla flower tools. Do you sell them?

  2. Hi
    We have a collection of 52 molla flower tolls.Please state which one you wish to buy?

    Complete Renovation Team

  3. Hi, I sent 2 e-mails directly from my mailbox but never heard back from you…I attached pictures of molds I’m interested in and had a questions if all of your molds have its pairs. I understand that I have to have a pair (upper and lower mold)in order to use them. I love a couple of flower designs but I cannot attach pictures here…Probably my e-mails went to your scam box and you never received them…Please, let me know how to reach you.
    Thank you

  4. Hi Ira

    Thank you for email our server was crash hope we will restore mailbox soon and replay ASAP


    CR Team

  5. Hello,

    I really ínterested in Molla tools so please could you tell me if you want sell them.

    Thank you so much

  6. HI
    Thank you for email please contact us regarding selling molla tools by phone on 0208123-1340

  7. Hello, i am interested these antique flower moulds. Do you still sell it? Thanks

  8. Hi we will be selling them in July 2018 keep in touch:)

  9. Hi. I am interested in purchasing those molds do you still have for sale.

  10. Please email us for details
    cr team

  11. Hi,

    We are interested in buying the Molla Flower Tools. Can you please advise how we can place an order for them? Thanks.

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