Parquet Floors

Parquet and Reclaimed Wooden Floor

If you desire a good quality, reclaimed, eco-friendly floor which is inexpensive, why not see reclaimed parquet flooring.
Renovation using reclaimed product therefore environmentally friendly – no new felling of rare timbers.
Wood types which you can no longer source as new but stare gorgeous when sandpapered and completed.
Hard wearing – parquet blocks are solid timber, very frequently a hardwood so will act a lot of traffic.
Compatible with underfloor – heating – evidently with expert advice.

Victorian or Edwardian house – or so one from the 20th century – with an existing parquet floor and you necessitate to fit it, perchance you desire to reconstruct your house in traditional period style, or you may merely desire to install a good quality timber floor, then why not contact us, order a sample, and do a begin?

Many types and quantities of parquet block, all of it is reclaimed and therefore sustainable. We hook a wide variety of woods: mahogany, pine, beech, oak, maple, various teaks, sapele, walnut, opepe and many more unusual types.

We aim to hook a friendly and helpful service, as good as being very enthusiastic about our subject – so delight maintain checking back to glimpse what we have on hook.

We are always sourcing old oak and chestnut flooring,the majority of our stock is barn boarding which varies in age,and also colour,thickness and widths.

The average length is around 2m,thickness from 28mm – 40mm(normally around 30mm) and widths from 15cms – 40cms;The price depends on quantity bought.For earlier We also hold a huge stock of reclaimed terracotta floor tiles of all shapes and sizes and colours.

When you emanate to lay reclaimed parquet wood-block there are several things that you should see:

1. Floor perfectly level?

2. Do you necessitate fitting something else? If so parquet sample to assist you to do the right choice.

Do you desire to do it yourself?

We have the biggest stock in UK