Quickest way fixing problem maybe could be Makita gun 900se repair services company. Power tools center repair near your location.

Saving our company counting costs, we decided to send machine for repair. Thinking this will be unfailing source of reassurance. After while, devastating news came up.

Keeping machine in service without taking apart, cleaning, etc. cost – we paid £25.00 plus Vat

Makita dc motor part – estimated cost £120.00 plus Vat

Replacement charge – estimated cost £60.00 plus Vat

Total estimated amount – £205.00 plus Vat

Power tool centre repair – we have found as not a good idea. Realistically for this amount of money you are able to buy used Makita GN900 SE.

Very expensive task don’t forget this is 2012 Makita first fix nailer gun.

Avoiding this costs you need to take three simple steps: