Wooden Floors

Everything about how to:

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Wooden Floors Renovation

Whatever look you have in your mind for your floor we will help you  to achieve it with our inspiration and expert advice.

We offer perfect floor fitting and renovation, sanding and maintenance services with wide range of the finest and unique hardwood flooring.

Information about how to renovate wooden floors for example oak parquet hardwood floor you will find here. Read how to renovate hardwood floor

Sanding hardwood floors

Floor sanding,dustless technique, method of soft and hardwood sanding, benefit of sanding floor.

Sanding tips and information you will find here

Maintenance wooden floors

Review and compare natural products for wooden floor by keeping them in perfect condition.

Top methods for floor maintenance read more here

Oak floors plus Underfloor heating

Many people asking us how it works. Explanation and advice is available on our site please use search for advanced therms.


Heating and parquet wooden floors.

Underfloor heating and hardwood floors. How it works you will find here

Underfloor water heating systems. How it works you will find here

Reclaimed floors and  underfloor heating. How it works you will find here

What surface finish for solid and engineering floors should I chose and its benefits.

There is a huge battle over the internet  regarding those questions.

Based on experience and years of laying wooden floors.

Complete Renovation is happy to advice:

First of all what you should know before buying a floor.

Type of floor and behaving.

Another thing how to deal with it, therefore become more easy to understand its nature.

Floor type comparison and finish you will find here. Read how to “floors and  finishing types”

How to make

New floors look 100 yers old


Distressing oak floors is one of our services we offer. Oak Floors – Difficult to work with, this could be  time consuming process create by hardness of wood to create perfect and luxury old looking floor.

The best effect of old floor is to create by hand made process,.

Another methot is mass factory production by using industrial machines.

Comparing floors distressed by hand and machine always will be a massive difference to spot. Patterns graines colours made by one template.

Old floor create by time or human is number one technique we serve to our clients. Preparation floors for any area is specially designed.

Aspects of light layout, furniture, level of distressing and what is very important – period of property to achieve original atmosphere.

First impression

Above all, walking into the room with renovated or distressed floor should hit by periodic look.

What do I need to distress floor?

Floors distressing tools you will need for DIY project

Advance distressing tools and chemicals step-by-step process you will find here

Finally, do visit our page for questions and answers for “wooden floors types” to view what can be your DIY project likewise when is best time to have a professional advice from Complete Renovation wooden floor specialist. Read how to “wooden floors tips