Wooden Floors Renovation

Wooden Antique Floors Renovation involves resealing existing floors which have already been restored, without the need for the full restoration process that involves resanding. Floor Sanding Experts will assess your floor and recommend the ideal solution. This normally involves resealing with whatever has been used previously: lacquer, hardwax or oil.
FAQ Wooden Floors
What are the antique wooden floors and how they arise?
Antique wooden floors are a growing crowd of supporters. They create a unique atmosphere in your home and add interior refinement.
Where can you buy antique wooden floor boards to finish off the floor?
Wooden floors are styled on the old highlighted grain, knots and cracks, appear looking slightly faded, worn or coated with a layer of patina. These features of antique wooden floors fit mainly the interior decorated in the spirit of tradition and stylized setting and add to the splendor, harmony with classic furniture and provide an excellent backdrop for the antiques. But the wood very well presents modern interior too, where the natural texture is a contrast to the smooth surfaces and minimalist furniture. Emphasizes the natural aging process of wood, it brings all the characteristics: durability, an interesting area, nobility, which does not disappear with the passing years and color. Glow novelties are usually short-lived, but the wood is a material that is aging beautifully. Aged floor is also practical, every imperfection of the form of scratches or broken knots (inevitable during the operation) will not harm it but add some charm. You can buy antique floor from us. We have specialized in the production of hand-made flooring unlike the majority of floor stores.
We offer antiqued solid boards, triple, and staves flooring.
In our workshop wooden boards are subject to appropriate technological processes influencing the color and surface texture of the wood. The most interesting effect is obtained by ageing oak wood – it has a rich grain and contains a lot of tannic acid, which in combination with different chemicals change the color of wood fibers. But it also ages the other species, such as ash or pine.